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Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause

Jill Menefee - June 2017 // GSM is a collection of symptoms and signs associated with declining estrogen and other sex hormones during the menopause transition.

When the Foot Hits the Ground

Elizabeth Leeds - June 2017 // When the foot hits the ground, your lower body performs a complex series of joint and muscular reactions to help keep you upright, move you forward, and absorb shock.

5 Things to Know About Number 2

Anne Shea - May 2017 // A wise person once said, "If you don't poop in the library, you shouldn't read in the bathroom."

4 Simple Ways to Ease Knee Pain

Crystal Hazelton - May 2017 // Knee pain affects one in four adults. Often people with low back or pelvic pain have difficulty moving correctly because their knees hurt.

The Mind/Body Connection

Kim Zevin - April 2017 // Over the years I have treated a lot of patients with pain disorders. They are scared and getting out of pain consumes their thoughts and their lives.

Bulletproof Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Jessica Swartz - April 2017 // Have you ever felt like you can't participate in a sport because of your pelvic floor dysfunction?

Don't Let a Fall Get You Down

Toni Flynn - March 2017 // According to the San Diego Fall Prevention Task Force, 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 falls each year.

Report from the Spinning Babies World Confluence

Katherine Dahl - March 2017 // Spinning Babies is a series of techniques that promote optimal alignment of the baby within the mother's pelvis.

Trauma and Recovery

Maureen Mason - Feb 2017 // Trauma recovery is a process that is multidisciplinary and can have profound overall improvement.

Why Meditate?

Elizabeth Delozier - Feb 2017 // The benefits of a regular meditation practice are numerous and well-documented.

Educating Our Tweens and Teens

Jill Menefee - Dec 2016 // Beginning conversations with our children about the facts of life might seem a bit challenging.

It's A Pain

Toni Flynn - Nov 2016 // Persistent and chronic pelvic pain is a very real condition that many people think they have to live with.

KISS - Keep It Simple Smartie!

Crystal Hazelton - Nov 2016 // Do you ever feel your pains are inexplicable? We see a lot of people with complicated cases at CTS.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Physical Therapy

April Douglas - Oct 2016 // Happy Physical Therapy Month! In honor of this great month, here are ten fun facts about PT that some people don't know.

A Natural Approach to Treating Kids, Preventing Dysfunction as Adults

Kim Zevin - Oct 2016 // Do you wonder why some breast-fed infants have digestive issues and others don't? Or why some kids are more prone to ear infections?

Stress Buster Activities

Mandy Johnston - Sept 2016 // Here are some tools that can be used every day to take control of your stress and progress forward.

It's What You Do With What You Have That Matters

Katherine Dahl - Sept 2016 // How your body functions is changeable, and is more important than what your body structure is.

About that Sacro-Iliac and Pelvic Girdle Pain

Maureen Mason - Aug 2016 // Sacro-Iliac and Pelvic Girdle pain can affect the ability to get in and out of bed, walk, lunge, stair climbing.

Big Goals, Small Changes

Kira Shurtz - Aug 2016 // I often have patients who are intimidated by large goals for their health, and it keeps them from starting.

Injury Healing with Acupuncture

Elizabeth Kominami - July 2016 // Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, the "feel good" chemicals in our body, blocking pain signals to our brain.

Understanding Foot Drop

Mariska Breland - July 2016 // Foot drop is one of the most common neurological problems, caused from damage to the peroneal nerve near the knee.

Fiber Facts for Kids

Jill Menefee - June 2016 // Fiber is not just for Grandma! Starting healthy eating habits early can lead to a lifetime of good food habits and healthy bowels.

PT for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Crystal Hazelton - June 2016 // Want a strong pelvic floor? Here are 16 ways to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and only ONE of them involves plain Kegels.

3 Ways to Restore Body After Baby

Elizabeth Leeds - May 2016 // The post-partum period is important for retraining the body to a foundational level and restoring the system back to its new normal.

Returning to Running Post-Partum

April Douglas - May 2016 // Wait until your six week checkup; if you must push a stroller, try to use a light-weight stroller that allows your elbows to be bent at 90 degrees.

The Concept of Neuroplasticity

Katherine Dahl - April 2016 // The concept of "neuroplasticity" means that the brain (and nervous system) is capable of change and adaptation.

New Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme's Disease

Kim Zevin - April 2016 // Using a combination of Lymph Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Brain and Cranial techniques may help treat patients with these disorders.

3 Ways to Naturally Curb Your Anxiety

Angela Yvonne - March 2016 // With our fast paced culture, busy work schedules & high stress lives, it's easy to see why many of us suffer with some level of anxiety or depression.

Challenge Yourself to New Heights

Maureen Mason - March 2016 // Choosing specific foods can reduce inflammation and pain, so here are medical guidelines recommended by the experts.

The Female Athlete Triad

Toni Flynn - Feb 2016 // The triad consists of 3 parts: disordered eating, amenorrhea and bone loss. Often overlooked, it's important to be aware of signs and symptoms.

Challenge Yourself to New Heights

Kira Shurtz - Feb 2016 // When you get discouraged say the phrase, "What doesn't challenge me doesn't change me." You will see yourself change for the better.

Set Forth the Goal of Wellness

Elizabeth Leeds - Jan 2016 // With any program, be realistic as to how much you are willing to give with respect to time. Start small and add in time on days that you have it.

Move Into a Healthy 2016

Crystal Hazelton - Jan 2016 // Setting up the symptom as 'the problem' ignores the bundle of habits and habitats that led to the symptom in the first place.


Kim Zevin - Dec 2015 // A physical therapist trained in visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy can be the most effective resource for a positive pregnancy test.

Becoming a Pelvic Floor Patient

April Douglas - Dec 2015 // Your pelvic floor is the area of your pelvis that runs from your tailbone to your pubic bone, layers of muscles that support your internal organs.

If the Shoe Fits

Mandy Johnston - Nov 2015 // Until Nike puts jet packs in their soles, it's up to you and your training routine to improve your speed.

Jade Eggs

Katherine Dahl - Nov 2015 // Jade eggs have been used for thousands of years to promote self-awareness and good health and function of the vagina.

If Sitting is the New Smoking, How Do You Reverse It?

Kira Shurtz - Oct 2015 // Sitting is flexion of the hips, spine, and often the shoulders if slouched. You are flexed anywhere from 5-10 hours a day.

Psychobiotics: 260 million neurons

Maureen Mason - Oct 2015 // There is considerable overlap between irritable bowel syndrome and depression and anxiety.

Back to Bathroom Basics

Jill Menefee - Sept 2015 // Mornings can be stressful and rushed so allow a few extra minutes for your child to take care of business.

Going on Strike

Toni Flynn - Sept 2015 // There is much debate on how one's foot should hit the ground in order to improve efficiency and reduce injury.

The Core: Alignment Matters

Crystal Hazelton - Aug 2015 // Abdominal core muscles are both strained and weaker when your alignment is off, so good alignment of your bones maximizes muscle function.

Smell, Memory, and Brain Medicine

Mariska Breland - Aug 2015 // The scents around us travel right through the nose and into the olfactory center of the brain itself - directly linked to memory.

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Kelsey Beckman - July 2015 // Getting a massage is not just a luxury you should experience a couple times a year. There are proven health benefits, including relief of stress and pain.

Life After Pregnancy: Getting Back Your Body

April Douglas - July 2015 // Beware of crunches. They will mostly activate your rectus abdominis, which can separate your abs more if you have diastasis recti.

Types of Osteopathic Therapy

Kim Zevin - June 2015 // Visceral Manipulation is a gentle hands-on therapy that assesses and treats the relationship of the organs with other structures of the body.

What to Expect from a Group Fitness Class

Kira Shurtz - June 2015 // It is important to remember if you "strengthen" in incorrect alignment you have greater likelihood of causing injury to your body.

Professional Yoga Therapy: Safe and Sound Yoga

Maureen Mason - May 2015 // A key yoga guideline you can practice: non-violence to yourself and others.

Diet and Pain

Shelley Garrett - May 2015 // Have you ever wondered what effect your diet can have on pain and healing? What you eat is an important piece of the puzzle while on the path to recovery.

Tips for Traveling

Natasha Ratajczak - April 2015 // If you can't get out of the car or plane for several hours, make sure you exercise your arms and legs to help decrease swelling, fatigue and discomfort.

Getting Ready for the 4th Trimester

Elizabeth Leeds - April 2015 // Consider a waterproof mattress pad. If able I would get this before the baby arrives, just in case your water breaks at night.

Treating Torticollis

Jill Menefee - March 2015 // Physical Therapy treatment is geared toward addressing the impairments that are caused by the condition.

Electroacupuncture for Overactive Bladder

Sarah Knaup - March 2015 // Electroacupuncture is the conduction of an electric pulse along an acupuncture needle to provide stimulation to an area or acupuncture point. .

How to Put Rest in Your Resolution

Crystal Hazelton - Feb 2015 // Short term rest between sets improves immediate energy available for your muscle. Longer rest in between sessions improves muscle repair and rebuilding..

A Pelvic Floor Experiment: Wrist Pain

Katherine Dahl - Feb 2015 // I gripped my spoon. Pain. I contracted my pelvic floor tightly and gripped my spoon. No pain. I relaxed my pelvic floor and gripped my spoon. Pain.

Get to the Core of Your New Year Resolution

Mandy Johnson - Jan 2015 // The core is the foundation of your body. When your foundation is strong, the rest of your body can move more efficiently, effectively and pain free.

Running from Pain

April Douglas - Jan 2015 // Similar to a car, our bodies start to break down with mileage. Add in poor alignment or poor biomechanics and your body is slowly breaking down without many symptoms.

Nutrition for Life - Paleo or Pyramid?

Maureen Mason - Dec 2014 // Eat more heart healthy good fats, fewer processed carbs, and exercise for your brain and body health and insulin regulation.

Have You Drained Your Lymph Lately?

Kim Zevin - Dec 2014 // Our lymphatic system works very hard to maintain optimal functioning of our bodies and most of us never think about how we can support it better.

You're Guide to Holiday Wellness

Elizabeth Leeds - Nov 2014 // The key with maintaining wellness is to set realistic expectations, and to be flexible.

Preventing Constipation

Kira Shurtz - Nov 2014 // When there's disruption to your routine, plan for those changes to manage your bowels, pelvic and back pain more effectively.

Electroacupuncture for Overactive Bladder

Sarah Knaup - Oct 2014 // The treatment of overactive bladder with electroacupuncture is the insertion of an acupuncture needle above the medial malleolus into a superficial branch of the posterior tibial nerve.

Backpack Safety

Jill Menefee - Oct 2014 // When worn correctly, a backpack is supported by some of the strongest muscles in the body. If not worn correctly, a backpack can strain muscles, cause pain and impact posture.

What's The Deal With Bioidenticals?

Natasha Ratajczak - Sept 2014 // Did you know that hormone replacement therapy is still the BEST way to effectively manage symptoms of menopause?

Physical Therapy for Oncology Rehabilitation

Maureen Mason - Sept 2014 // Medical instructions to "re-start exercise" may be insufficient to promote a gradual progressive increased activity and functional level.

Surviving and Thriving at your Favorite Theme Parks

Crystal Hazelton - Aug 2014 // The 3 most common biomechanical deficiencies were related to: footwear, excessive swagger while walking, and lazy stroller pushing.

A Pelvic Floor Experiment: Coughing

Katherine Dahl - Aug 2014 // I hope that you will try keeping an optimal spinal posture the next time (and every time) that you cough, sneeze, laugh, etc.

MRIs and Low Back Pain

April Douglas - July 2014 // Getting an MRI seems to be the right thing to do after you get injured,but the research suggests otherwise, especially when it comes to low back pain.

Overcoming Diastasis Recti

Mandy Johnston - July 2014 // One of the most common diagnoses we see during pregnancy and post-partum is diastasis recti.

Movement Impairment Syndromes

Kim Zevin - June 2014 // Are you crossing your legs as you read this? Do you always stand with your weight shifted to one side? Do you always hold your baby on the same hip?

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Kira Shurtz, - June 2014 // Focused diaphragmatic breathing is the simplest way I know to have a greater feeling of control in the management of our health without the help of a practitioner.

Workshops at CTS

Elizabeth Leeds - May 2014 // We want to be the clinic that not only assists you in recovering from your current condition, but the resource to achieving a healthier, new you.

Strategies for a Healthy Pregnancy

Maureen Mason - May 2014 // There are multiple guides for women on strategies to create a healthy pregnancy, and these are primarily nutrition focused.

Sleep Hygiene

Jill Menefee - April 2014 // The way you feel while you're awake depends in part on what happens while you are sleeping.

BMI and Your Health

Maureen Mason - April 2014 // Changing BMI involves knowledge about energy expenditure with activity levels, and energy density or calories in food.

Acupuncture and Pregnancy

Sarah Knaup - March 2014 // Whether it is morning sickness in your 1st trimester or hip and low back pain in your last, acupuncture can help alleviate symptoms throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancy: Triumphs and Fails

Natasha Ratajczak - March 2014 // You go to the internet to find guidance with the new things going on with your body, only to find a billion different resources out there.

It's The Only Place You Have To Live In

Mandy Johnston - Feb 2014 // If your goal is to decrease back or neck pain, start with something simple like modifying your posture at work or while you relax watching TV.

Why does my back hurt when I sit?

Crystal Hazelton - Feb 2014 // There are many potential causes for increased pain in your back while sitting, like overactive psoas major and quadratus lumborum muscles.

Direct Access Is Here!

Katherine Dahl - Jan 2014 // As of Jan. 1, 2014, Californians can seek evaluation and treatment from a physical therapist without obtaining a physician's referral or diagnosis first.

Water - Have you had yours today?

Joyce Steele - Jan 2014 // If you are thirsty - your body is trying to tell you something. People typically sense they are thirsty after they are actually dehydrated.

Partner Massage During Pregnancy

Kira Shurtz - Dec 2013 // Your partner might be apprehensive due to fears of hurting you or the baby. Here are some helpful hints which will take the fear out of prenatal massage.

Battling Holiday Stress

Elizabeth Leeds - Dec 2013 // Having more "positive" stressors can provide the system with a larger buffer zone increasing its adaptability.


Kim Zevin - Nov 2013 // We all have the ability to feel and sense so much more than what we are presently sensing and feeling.

Navigating the Health System

April Douglas - Nov 2013 // Figuring out where to go and who to see can be confusing and infuriating. Here are guidelines to help you get the most out of your doctor's visit.

Sun, Fun, and... Vitamin D???

Jill Menefee - Oct 2013 // Living in sunny Southern California, I never would have expected to be deficient in Vitamin D.

Building Bones: Prepare for the Future!

Maureen Mason - Oct 2013 // Reduce your risk for the "silent disease" of osteoporosis, the softening of bone, strengthen your bones now and prepare for the future.

Fibromyalgia: Could It Be Affecting You?

Megan Hill and Natasha Ratajczak - Sept 2013 // Genetics is linked to fibromyalgia with increased incidence; when a first blood relative is diagnosed, you havean 8x higher chance.

Acupuncture for Women's Health

Sarah Knaup - Sept 2013 // Acupuncture affects a woman's menstrual cycle by reducing stress, balancing emotions, resolving bloating, headaches and pain and regulating hormones.

Does One Shoe Really Fit All?

Crystal Hazelton - Aug 2013 // Your physical therapist can assess your foot, posture, and gait to determine the right shoe for you.

A Healthy Perineum Before and After Birth

Katherine Dahl - Aug 2013 // Prenatal perineal massage is massage or stretching of the perineum, done before you go into labor.

Lumoback Helping You Improve Your Posture

Mandy Johnston - July 2013 // Posture is the one thing that is with us all day. Whether you're sitting at your desk, driving to lunch or standing in line at the grocery store.

Posture is the Quick Fix!

April Douglas - July 2013 // Patients often come into the clinic questioning why their pain came out of nowhere, or from a minor movement like taking out the trash.

The Mind/Body Connection

Kim Zevin - May 2013 // I talk a lot with my patients about their thoughts. I can understand that they are caught up in pain, in what they can and can't do.

Autonomic Nervous System Calming/Relaxation Training

Maureen Mason - May 2013 // Gradually integrate these techniques into your life for calming your mind and body; practice makes perfect.


Elizabeth Leeds - April 2013 // Painful intercourse, dyspareunia, can be present from one's first sexual experience or can occur later on in life.

New at CTS: CoreAlign!

Mandy Johnston - April 2013 // The CoreAlign is a unit that consists of two moving carts with resistance bands that can attach in a variety of ways.

To Kegel, Or Not To Kegel

Joyce Steele - March 2013 // There's little talk about the need for appropriate rest and full relaxation between Kegels, which is essential particularly in the pelvic floor muscles.

Bladder Issues In Teens

Jill Menefee - March 2013 // Certain conditions like diabetes or a urinary tract infection can be responsible for some bladder issues.

Stretch Support for your New Year Resolutions!

Crystal Hazelton - Feb 2013 // Should you warm up before you stretch? Is static stretching or ballistic stretching better? These questions answered and more.

Ever Heard of Dry Needling?

Sarah Knaup - Feb 2013 // Dry needling is a technique to deactivate myofascial trigger points, spots along a muscle that can be felt as a tight band or nodule.

Bedwetting Doesn't Have To Put a Damper on Your Child's Social Life

Hilary Batson - April 2010 // It's beyond the preconceived notion that these children are just lazy, deep sleepers, or that it stems from a food allergy.

What Causes Vulvodynia

The Dr. Oz Show - Jan 2010 // Dr. Oz and Dr. Ashton discuss vulvodynia in the no-embarrassment zone.

Cindy Furey Gives Tips On Monitoring Your Computer Health

NBC 7 KNSD-TV - Oct 2009 // Physical Therpist Cindy Furey shows Channel 7 San Diego television viewers how good posture at the computer desk can help you avoid health problems.

Advice from a Sexpert

Breezy Mama - Oct 2009 // Written with the help of our very own Cindy Furey, PT and Owner, and Mark Wiesner, PhD. "Breezy Mama" provides expectant mothers with information on diet, sexual health, exercise, activities for kids and common medical concerns.

CTS Receives 2009 "Talk of the Town" Award

CTS has been honored by Celebration Media U.S. as one of its 2009 Talk of the Town Award Recipients in the category of top Physical Therapists.



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